TechAdapt provides the best in publishing, accessible media and software development services, making print and electronic materials available and accessible to everyone, worldwide.

New! TechAdapt is pleased to announce the release of the free TechAdapt Accessible Media Center (TAMC) v0.5.0! This release has been completely redesigned to be accessible to screen-reader users, and features faster startup and conversions, better ease-of-use, and more!

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A leader in accessible media, TechAdapt provides eBook and XML production, accessible media production and software development services to organizations in publishing, K-12 and post-secondary education, accessible hardware/software and related markets.


Publishers requiring conversion of their assets into NIMAS, DAISY, e-text or another accessible format can turn to TechAdapt for fast, accurate, reliable and cost-effective conversion services. TechAdapt can work with files from virtually any publishing package, such as PostScript, QuarkXPress, Adobe PDF, Adobe InDesign/PageMaker/FrameMaker, Microsoft Publisher, XML, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, HTML, WordPerfect and others.

K-12 and Post-Secondary Educational Agencies

TechAdapt can help both K-12 and post-secondary state and local educational agencies by providing highly cost-effective conversion of any type of printed or electronic media into accessible textbooks and supplementary materials, including e-text, braille, large print, accessible PDF, audio, and DAISY.

TechAdapt is a NIMAC-registered Accessible Media Producer, and can accept NIMAS file set assignments for conversion into any type of accessible media. TechAdapt can also download Bookshare books, and is Bookshare's sole braille embossing provider. TechAdapt has unique technology which enables us to quickly and efficiently extract material from PDFs available from publishers or via the AccessText Network.

Software Development Services

With our extensive knowledge of accessibility technologies and best-practice software development methodologies, TechAdapt has helped a number of leading software companies produce high-quality, market-leading products that support efforts to provide high-quality accessible media to all.